Answered By: Joyce A. Miller
Last Updated: Jan 08, 2018     Views: 160

No and maybe - it's a judgment call. 

At campus computers
(in the open lab or on the second floor):

  • No food is allowed at all, and only securely-closed beverages. 

Elsewhere in the library, library users should...:

  • Bring only covered, securely-closed, spill-proof beverage containers.

  • Bring only light snacks that will not disturb other library users with their noise and odor. (For example: granola bars, pretzels, dried fruit and other quiet snacks are OK. Pizza, fried foods, full meals are not. Go to the Wolf Den across from the cafe for that.) 

  • Always leave your space clean for the next person. Recycle bottles. Put crumbs and wrappers in the trash. 

  • Notify the staff of any accidental spills as soon as they can.

  • Those who do not comply with these guidelines may be asked to leave the library. It is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct to fail to comply with directions of college employees, including librarians. 

Use the Wolf Den, the new student lounge (across from Einstein’s Café) for all other food, including:

  • Greasy, sticky, crumbly or aromatic foods: pizza, pizza bagels, hamburgers, onions, fried food, etc.
  • Full meals
  • Off-campus food deliveries
  • Beverage containers without lids

Following these policies in our shared space keeps the library a pleasant and peaceful place to study. It also ensures that college funds will not be spent needlessly replacing damaged materials, furniture and computer equipment.

The Library Division has adopted this policy regarding food and drink in the library. Thanks for complying!