Answered By: Joyce A. Miller
Last Updated: Aug 14, 2018     Views: 370

The WestLaw law database is available from the Criminal Justice research guide link below. 

If you have a problem accessing it: 
Sometimes there are issues with the security certificate that cause the WestLaw database to have issues when trying to use it from off campus via our EZProxy server.

The good news is that we have found that it can be accessed when using Google Chrome as your browser so long as you follow certain steps. If your Chrome Browser settings are not set up to allow access to WestLaw, you will see an error telling you:
  • Your Connection is Not Private
  • If you see this error you need to click on where it says Advanced in the lower left hand part of the screen.
  • Then click on where it says Proceed to EzProxy.
If this does not work, clear your browser data:
Google Chrome (All Final Releases):
  1. Click the Customize and control Google Chrome button located next to the address bar (it looks like three horizontal lines).
  2. Select More Tools.
  3. Click Clear browsing data.
  4. Set Obliterate the following items from to the beginning of time.
  5. Check all the boxes except the one for licensing
  6. Click the Clear browsing data button.
  7. Close and restart Chrome.
Once your students do this they should then see the Your Connection is Not Private message and then be able to click on Advanced followed by Proceed to EzProxy.